hate-image2What you feel in your day?

Boring, hate, sad, angry, love, miss, love, or something other.

Which one was dominant in your life?

You was the one who much know about your self.

In the day, I face people with hate, anger, craftiness, and something like that.

There was no love, no peace, just anger..

What kind of people like that? Why they act like that? What wrong with them?

Why..? I repeat that word in deeep of my heart, every day, every hour, every minute, every second.

Why this world immersed in hatred?

There is no prejudice or event smile in their face.

I see my day, there was hatred

I watching TV, there was anger

I read the internet, there was incitement

How can I survive? In every directing was hate..

No love there..

pict: internet


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