Conversation of 2 Idiot






One day, my friend, a stupid guy, make a call to his old friend. Its long time for them not talking each other..


My friend friend (mff)






My friend (mf) : Hi.. there, nice to hear your voice my friend..


Mff : Oh.. hi.. its you. How are you..?


Mf : Haha.. like usual my bro. what about you..?


Mff : Yeah.. same.. I think.Look like a problem there. What up bro..?


Mf : Noting, just miss you, you know. We talking much in the past, talking about every thing, our ide, our perspective, what want we to do, and everything. You know that..


Mff : Yeah, I know, still remebering that.I know you, from yopur voice and the way you talking to me. I can feel that there was a problem, just tell me my bro..


Mf : Haha.. still missing you.Not a bog problem, you where I am know. It complicate, this place was full of shit, stupid one was surrounding me. What can I do? Just be a good man, quite..


Mff : Hahaha..Your problem was same with me bro. yeah.. this is life. Much of them was idiot man who talk much but can do anything. They see us from their perspective, never try to know some one.
Mf : HugeTits01




You know bro? This people was wondering me, they have a title from university, even some of them was get their master title. But their attitude still like the other, the uneducated people.

Mff :  

Haha, why you feel like that? You should know that in university, they never learn, just study there.


Mf : Goddamn you asshole, of course I know that. But we should have a dream, the dream that our people more educated like the other leader of this country said.


Mff : Fuck you man, know you should wake up. This is not a dream, this is the reality. More of the people on this country was the barbarian.In this idiot mind, every one should hear and do what they said. Just do it. And if we ask them about another perspective from another people, they said to us “fuck you, just do what I said. I am your leader, I am the officer here..!”


Mf : Yeah I know that. But its not solve the main problem my bro. if like that, our life still on stagnan, or even back to the past. We are the young man and in the future, we are the leader.


Mff : Yes bro, talking is easy, but in the reality..?


Mf : Haha.. that is the main problem now..Well, thx for talking with me, I don’t know to talking with who here. Every one was mad..


Mff : 3832148+_b13230538fd1e94812e0fc403ab8fd51




Haha.. its oke, actually we are in the same condition. If you not calling me, I calling on you..

Mf :


See you my old friend..
Mff : See you to my old bastard..haha..



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