A Lone


I am not yoursI am different

I am not yours
I am different

Did you know that in this life we always find the some one with narrow minded..?

Even some of us was surrounding with kind of people like this. No one can you ask about something, every one was an asshole. Hating on you, try to make you like an idiot. Get a rid of you, seeing on you like you a freakish.

What should you do? Every one was standing on you, what will you do was an a mistake. Just like idiot man, smiling on you, with hurtness smile.

You want to be understood, but you didn’t. You want to be treated like a friend, but you ddint..

Every day was suffering, even if you try to be friendly with them. Its not work, in their mind you an asshole. To be good or not is no matter, to be polite or not is not the problem. What they want to you?

1347842177_leave-me-alone-cristina-kudorThey said that the problem was your self. Yes.. you try to look to the mirror. What did you see? Just a man with the sad smile, just a man with gloomy face, just a man with all of his grief.

You cant find any thing, what should you do? They said this.. this.. and this..

You just a human, what can you do,

no one with you, no one can you ask and talk with you,  just alone..

You just a human, need  a guide to through all fo this,

but not..

You just a human, try to be patient,

but until when..


walking-aloneYou know that to be understood, you should be understand people


You just a human, have a weakness, but every one can accept that..

Try to understand them, but they never understand us..





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