6a00d8341c660253ef00e54f60c7c28834-800wihave you find kind of people like this..?

lucky for you who have some job where you cant find them..


if them a woman

a grand..grand..grand..grandmother

like a duck who asking us for the food


if them a man

a fuck grand father..

dirty-old-men-020an a asshole..

ask this.. and want that..

getting mad if we can give what he want


most a people who I found was like this

what can I do?

Just fold my hand on my chest

Try to decline my emotion


729happy-420x0Its not enough

Cause most of them was my parter

Every day..no..every time

They was beside me..


Lucky for me if there was the man was once time see with me.

After that, I don’t care..

Jut pray to god that kind of man

Was dissapear from my life..




picture: internet


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