reality of communication


Judt a picture, they didnt know any thing..

can you speak with animal?

can you understand them?

can you make a communication with them?


we have a different answer..

yes, for some of us

no, for another


the good master has a good pet

and the bad has not



just a picture, Mr. jackson didnt know anything..

communication was run well between human

if they have a same languange, same perseption, same intelectual level, and no emotion


but if not, something bad can be happen..

how can be?


human can make a communication with animal

but, in  some case they cannot make a good communication with they own kind



I am sory, they didnt know anything..

what should we call the man, woman, or  people like that?

still a human? or


I am sory, she didnt know anything to


mother fucker,




or many thing else you can call..


can we call them still a human..?


picture ilustration : internet


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