The Dark Knight Rises


PIcture Ilustration: Internet

PIcture Ilustration: Internet

I have watching Batman, have you?

The Dark Knight Rises, the movie who make a disaster in the premier. I mean its not because the movie, just a looser who not have a good mentality and personality.

What you opinion about this god damn movie?

For me, this is a good movie, this discribe about one side of my self or maybe another side of every one. Talk about our world now, about the reality of life. This movie is an artistic creatrure, the creatore (every one they are) has a message to us. In the end of this world was full of the bad side of man. The evil was dominate the world, the life, our life.

Every one was enemy, specialy for them selfs, we should control it before they take over our life, our mind, and our body. This is was happen to day, now that thing was dominate the world, our world. We the “idiots” was the “pion” for this “masters”. The masters who control the world, control every things in this world, control our mind, control our body, control, beloved family, friends, and every one besides us.

PIcture Ilustration: Internet

PIcture Ilustration: Internet

This movie was talk about fear, desperate, egoistic, hates, the bad side of humanity. I can feel it now, because I was there, not just I, but every one of us. This people was fool, fool of unknowledgeable of this life. Egoistic, because they thing that this live will run as them want. Hate, because this world was competition to see who the winner and who the looser. Desperate, because all of the people in this world was fail in that competiton. The winner just the one, and the looser was many one. The controller was a few asshole, the people who was controlled was many of people.

Badman was make us realized that our world was full of asshole, they surrounding us. Gotham was symbolized of our world now. Who full of bullshit, full of sin, we should destroy it and build it from the beginning. Should be war there, and from that war we will learning about love, loyality, care and thing about each other, give your respect to this life, and keep it for our children and grand children.


PIcture Ilustration: Internet

Bane and Miranda Tate was not an anemy, they just want teach us about hypocrisy who control our life. They want we to destroy it, and with spread the fear and pressure, they want we learn. Specially for the asshole who controled with passion to control the life. Bane and Miranda was abstraction of the revolution who sould come. They didn’t come if every one realized they deficiency in this life, change it and make a better life, a better world.

This movie was the story of every one, the story of me, I am in deep pressure, my life was full of shit, full of asshole, full of egoistic people, full of hates.

Wish it change over..





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