The Barbarian

Ilustration Picture:

Ilustration Picture: Internet

Doesnt know anything, just blood and war..


What they can? 

Just destroyed my friend.

Can we talk with them?

Of course not my friend

Why, they are human to..?

Correct my friend, but they are different from us. They life was for food, never know what is sains is. Need like food, sex, clothes, and place to stay. Just it..

Ilustration Picture

Ilustration Picture: Internet

Have they have a heart..?

Of course not my friend, what they have is anger, desire to conquer, to dominate, to controll, to have a sex..

to eat and food resource, gold, power, and anything else..

May I know my friend, why you ask me..?

Well, I am sory to make you wonder my friend.  Just want to know, if I meet some one like that, I mean.. some one who like to find and take what they need like food, sex, money, and anything else. So.. its make me coriuos, what difference the Modern Man and the Pre-Historic Man..?

karla_spice naked thanksgiving indian

Ilustration Picture: Internet

Agree.. my friend. You are so cool, I love it..

yOU Mean, what is differentiate betwen the Asshole, Mother Fucker, Litle Bitch, and another kind of them with the Pre Historic Man..?

Ilustration Picture

Ilustration Picture: Internet

Hmm.. give me time to think..


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