Ilustration Picture: Internet

Ilustration Picture: Internet

What I feel now was much better than before. The situation more good for me, my boss was full of attention to me. I feel sory to her, because before this I has negative thingking for her. In fact, she try to make a policy to make me better.

Even I have feel hard to come back to my city. My village was 80 Km from the city where I have a job. When I go home, my feeling was much better. Much comfortble than before, stay with my family, my mother, father, sister, and my brother. Even I try to make my heart strong enough, but that is not enough. When Iam here, I feel bad, because I should meet with the stubborn people. Often loosing my mind about this.

One day, with one of my friend from the office, I go around the city, give our bulletin (office bulletin) for the school and government office. Its make me more better. My city is not like the city in your mind, much of our territory was still the village. Comprise with the hills, valleys, rivers, rice field, and mountains. Not much straight and smooth road here. Much of them was full of curve and downhill here. You can imagine it self, how full of adventure my city it is.

Ilustration Picture: Internet

Ilustration Picture: Internet

Looking the ricefield, full of the green color, some of them was yellowness. See the farmers go to their rice field, how fun it that feel. God.. I want be like them, every day just face the things not a human, a human who full of their crazy attitude.

I body was tired, yes I am. But my feeling was full of joy. I enjoy it, make me let the trouble around my self. I worried that this time will go on, and I must go back to the office. The place where make my self crazy. God.. please help me.

Now, I just can make a wish, pray to God that when I come back to my office, there was better than before I left it. Just it, I cant face it, I can crazy of that. Just it..


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