Ilustration Picture: Internet

Ilustration Picture: Internet

One of my friend has told me that, there was a few thing cant you control on deep in your self. One of them was desire. That feelings was natural, every living creature have it. Animals and Plants have it, and of course human also have it.

This kind was our need, every human want it. In modern life, there was no reason to not enjoy it. But in traditional society, there was sacral ritual before you do that. Its pure, holy, and sacred. You must be a good person before do that, have a personality, ready for a new life and new responsibilty, and many else. There was not just a sex activity, but the pure and holy relationship between two person and two family.

But now, in this time. Sex was one of the habit in this life, very terrible for me, because I am the East Man become from the conservative background. Here in east, sex was a prohibited thing to talk and of course its illicit to do before married.

The most horrible thing was, cheating. The cause of this sickness was The Sex Appeal, or other thing, but the end was still the  sex activity. Damn its so fucking asshole, cheating. Some one who have a relationship, trusted by her/his couple, and have a pledge to keep. What an a not commendable, that things become a habbit in this time.

Ilustration Picture: Internet

Ilustration Picture: Internet

Sex was the animal desire, if human feel it, they channeled with right way, to right person, and with full of control. And animal, they didnt need that. If they feel that, they do that, and feel satisfied.

So.. in this moderen life, what is different between humans and animals..?






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