The Problem is me

Ilustration Picture: Internet

Ilustration Picture: Internet

The problem is not the problem, but the problem is your attitude about the problem..

Captain Jack Sparrow said..


“The problem is not them but yours” one of the person who I loved said to me. Emotionaly of course, its broke my heart. I just silent, no talk, just quit.

She is right, absolutly, I am a asshole. The man who cant control his emotion, the man with all of his weakness.

Sad..? yes, very sad ofcourse. I have think about this, she was right. What can I do? The people around me was more asshole than me. Could be they was change me?

I don’t know, maybe yes and maybe not.

What should I do to be normal, to be my self..? I am alone, no one can understand me. If I try to talk with person who I think will be understand me. There was end with pain, I become a looser in he or she face. They loved it, like it.

Ilustration Picture: Internet

Ilustration Picture: Internet

Alone, no one can we ask and no one can we trust. If you in my place, what should you do?

Still optimistic to the day and wish the wind will change the direction. Positive thingking and motivated your self?

Easy to talk, but not in realty. Face the day with this, every day was full of shit. Meet with an asshole, face the looser, and talking with this mother fucker.

What the beautiful life..



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