Two Choice

Ilustration Picture: Internet

Ilustration Picture: Internet

In this few day, the wheater in my city was so brightness. The Impacts to my heart was, I have a good day. So happy, so fun, so joyfull. Its make me forget the trouble in my office.

I am asking my self, until when all of this joyful run well?

I dont know, just wish all of this will run for a long time. People in my country said that our life was like a wheel, one day we in the top and the another day we go to the deep down. As human, our job is through all of this day in our life with patiently.

Trouble was our middle name, no human in this planet, in this world who have not a trouble in this life. But the way they through all of this trouble was different. Much of us was give up, and just a few has succeed through all of the trouble. 

Its make difference in this life. A loser and the winner, the bos and the staff, the genius and the dumb, and many else..

I asking my self “what group where you are..?”


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