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Ilustration Picture: Internet

“Don’t avenge to other one, just try to give them your forgiveness. The bad not should we face with the bad, its would be a chaos..” I have heard that words and its replay on my head.

Who I am..? just a looser..

In front of the other, I just a looser, a coward, and man without order. My voice just a sigh..

I know my potention, and I try to know my self. But, if I know my self deeply, Its make me realize that I was different. Different from much of people arround me. There was the key, why If I talk with them, they always miss understod to me.

Patient and be wise..

Every day I face it on my life. Try to be normal like the other. The way they think and the the way they attitude.

The barbarian, what should we do to face the kind of this people. Uncivilized, uneducated, unpolite, pretend front of the boss, and be asshole to another..

Just wait, wait until the presence of the one’s..


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