Like tree in the desert

Ilustration Picture: Internet

Ilustration Picture: Internet

Have you feel in threatened. Not save, in danger, or something else..?

Always feel worried, like something in front of you wants to attacking you. Not exited to do something, your body is hardly to move, no smile just sad who painting in your face. Has no appetite to eat, feel some one in sick.

Suspicious to every one, think that they can attacking on you in every where and every time. Directly or not, they will bring you to the deep of the suffer. Sensitive, every one has enemy, no friend, alone in this world. No one to share just buried it on your self.

Imagine who suffer you in that time..

Weak man, easy to kill..

They way they look at you, they attitude to you, or what ever is it was make you sad and suffer. Wish that there another place to stay and leave this situation. What can you do, just crying and wish that this situation would pass your live. Imagine that there another day who can make you smile and feel the joy on your time.

Wish that tomorrow will better than today..

Wish that tomorrow you will find the joy..



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