I am a Stupid

Ilustration picture: internet

Ilustration picture: internet

A have heard a wise man said like this “Every moment who you through in your life was teacher for you. God always seeing you, watching on you, and never let the bad things happen to you. Learn from your life and the other one life, always see and heard. Every problem who your face on your life, its mean to make you more strong and grow up..” and I forget what the other. Because he talk so long to us.

I remembering that moment, because I was face the same situation. The situation who I has face it in another time on my life. I should learn, should think before do something. But I am not, I forget what should I do, I am panic man. Yes, the panic man always loose their self control, react before think. Oh.. I am so stupid.

I shame of my self, every one think bad to me “ the freak man..”. Justification was easy to give, and I should faced it.

Its prety bad, and very bad for me because I still have a feeling of shame. A nother one who faced the same think with me was successful ignoring this feeling and situation. Never mind what people think about that. Just like a good day, ignore that.

So.. what about you?

Just share what I faced and want to know, that did I just a only one who have feel and face the feeling like this?


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