Easy but Not Easy

Ilustration Picture: Internet

Ilustration Picture: Internet

I have a friend who told me ” I will move from here, its enough.. I cant through this anymore..”

Actually not just her but me and every one has face the situation who can make we give up. And people said that “Every one has they own way to face every things on their life..”

I remembering about  pontificated from the past, give it by a “wise man”. He said “We cant avoid the problem, just face it gently. If we avoid or give up, they will come again and again on our life. Face it, solve it, and through it nicely. Just pray to god, and bealive that god always be there with us..”

Remembering this advice, alway make me hate my self. Because from deep of my heart, I want to go away or give up. But another side of my self ask me to stay and face this all “Be a gentleman and through it..” I said ”

Yes, easy to talk, but not to do..!” “Just be a patient, do the best, and than pray to god for all of your problem..” One side of me told. Yes.. and I always pray that all of this will be passed. Nicely of course..


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