Ilustration Picture: Internet

Ilustration Picture: Internet

In here, in my city, in my country, we have been criticized. They came from our people its self who for a long time live in foreign country. He compare our country and another country, the people, the costume, and the mentality.

What he said about our people was the reality in our life. No one can deny that, because we face it every day. The people, the life, and all of this shit. But the response of every one was not same. First, there’s the one’s who realized this situation and try to change every things. Second, there’s a few one who realized that but cant do anythings to make it better. The third, much of them was blind and deaf, in they’r mind there no deficiency, everythis was run well.

It’s the main problem, change their perspective, mentality, and make them understand that life should be better than today. Every one, every nation, every country, has a move, make a step, even run fastly in this life. But in my country, they kill each other.

What should I do, what should we do..? make change for our life, give them a good example and than make them following us.

But its no easy, this is not a Twitter acount..:-(


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