The Era of Idiots

Ilustration Picture: Internet

Ilustration Picture: Internet

I have live in the third world country, my country has colonized by one of European country, few decade ago. After World War Two, like much of the Asian country, my country take their independence with a war, the revolution. After that, two dictator regime has control my country. And the end of twetieth century, my people said that we live in democracy era. But.. I call this the era of idiots..

Like another Asian country, my country try to be the industrial country. Because in their assumtion, that is the typical of modern country. Make them self like west country, because they think to be modern they should be like the white, the west. The culture, the languange, the way of life, the way they think, the food, the technology, and many else..

I live in one of the state in this republic, its far away from centre of this country, the capital. We life here with different way from the people in capital city. Our language, our dialec, our way of life, and many thing. The teenegers of my country was a victim of hedonism, make their self as duplicate of the “Gaul Society’s” (I called like that). In another side, people in the centre of this republic try to be like westman, and the people in here in my country (most of them was a teeneger) try to be like the people in the centre.

If people in the centre of this republic come to my country or another country in another state. They always jeer us. The country man, the idiot, traditional, and many else. They arrogance was make my people more amazed, they was an idol for this idiots. This situation was rediculus, what happen with  my people..?

I has meet one of the foreigner, she ask me “Why you people leave your culture, your identity, your legacy..?”

Ilustration Picture: Internet

Ilustration Picture: Internet

I said “ Because they mentality was broken..”

“Yes.. but why..?” she ask me.

“Because we are the asian, developed country. They think, if we want to be like the west country, we should live our legacy from the elder. Take the way of the west and try to be like them..” I answerd her.

“ its not true. Much of people in the west in this time was boring with their life. They come to east, to Asia. Find the legacy from the past from your elder and studied them. Your legacy was full of great philosophy..” she said.

I just give a smile to her “Yes.. but people like that in my country was a few. We almost died here..”



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