a rivalry..

picture ilustrastion: Internet

picture ilustrastion: Internet

I have seen a few of people on the rivalry, a competition. In the house, school, office, or any place you can find them. Skeptikal to every one, no trust, bealive. They can kill each other, do anything to get what they one. To be the number one, to be a leader, to be the smart one, the rich one, or the most popular one on the school or office.

This is life, every way I turn my face, I always see kind of people like this. In they mind that every one was a rival, if you don’t want to do what they do, so.. they called you “the freak one”.

Boring, saturated..

No one can we trust, a snake who can kill you every seconds. Just keep your self, enemy is every where. They pretend to be your friends, with their seductive smile.

I have a wish, that some day I can stay in the health environment or neighbourhood. With honestly heart, gentleman, and can keep their word. Grow up people, educated, and of course religious people.


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