I need love..

Ilustration Picture: Internet

Ilustration Picture: Internet

I have a friend who told me that life was a tragic of drama. He said that because every steps on his life was full of paint. Hurt by another people. Most of them was not realized that, just a few of them.

I have face the same things, loosing your mind, meet with a looser, cant do anyhing to make it better. This all because much of them still a child. They not realized, because there deep in their mind. A man with a kid maind.

Onother time he told me, that in this time he lost his hope. I ask him “What is it..”

He answer me “She will getting married..”

I undrestand, now he tolk about love, about heart. He propose to married with a girl, but he late just a moment. “Its so close..” he said me.

“Its complicate.. what the hell of my life..!?” he scream in front of me.

I really dont know the answer, we have the same problem. Damn.. what the hell of my life..


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