like a clown

Ilustration PIcture: Internet

Ilustration PIcture: Internet

Grow up, I have heard that word a few time from a different people. But in fact, their didnt understand what the mean of. If they talk, like a child, want to be heard but didnt want to heard. If they do something, never thing people said about that.

My friend said that “this is the main problem in our place now. Just a few people have a good personality, most of them was a rubish. If we want to move out, we should rechange all of this. But if we didnt, just enjoy the day, this situation would be like this for a time we never now..”

I said “Just keep our self, make our self better and better, one day all of this will be change. The condition was change slowly. We should prepare our self for that change. Let them with all of the have in them self. The time will proof it..”

“We never know what happen tomorrow, just never lost your hope, your wish for a better condition. All of this shit will be gone with run of the time..” he said.

I know and this make me never give up. We bealive that some day in the future, all of this shit will be lost in our place. But, when its happen, we never know. Now, we like a strungle in the country, like clown in the crowds..


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