Ilustration Picture: Internet

Ilustration Picture: Internet

Damn.. I felt like a asshole.

Can you tell me if you is me?

One day, my friend told me a story..

You called your self a gentleman, in front of every one you act like a good man, religious, honest, and many good thing can we attribute to you. Every one know you as a good man.

But, deep in side you, you full of sin, the nasty things. Cruel and bad things about people surrounding you. Yes, few of them was an asshole, but another was not like that.

The best cruel things on your mind and your heart was falling in love to a woman. The woman who a wife for another man. Damn, what feeling of that?

Ilustration Pict: Internet

Ilustration Pict: Internet

You know that was bad, cruel, and a sin. But your heart cant compromise, think about her, always. Every day you want her, with see her face can make your better. Her smile can calm your heart, her voice can recharge your energy. Her eye and the way she looked you make your crazy. Damn.. what feeling of that.

You know her husband, like a friend for  you. But your feeling was betrayed him.

in few time, you have think the nasty think about her, want her beside you in one night. Just one night you want, and you realized that this think cant stop just in one night. Every night full of sin..

Maybe you has a pleading “That is because my hormon..!”

I said “No, this is because you cant control your self, your mind, and your heart..”

Now she living, move to another city with her husband. Its make you crazy, missed her. Your things was full of her, damn..


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