Poor Guy..

Ilustration PIcture: Internet

Ilustration PIcture: Internet

I have a friend, male friend. He 28 years old now, a single, I mean free agent. Of course he was a normal. He was a religious man, keep him self from alcohol, drug, and woman. But, he still a normal guy, if he meet a girl or a woman with sensual face, hot body, or hottie, he always think about it. In first look, he was see that woman from her hair until her foot.

One day he told to me “Man, I cant control my self, my mind was betray on me..”

“Why..” I very impressing.

With crack a smile he told to me “You now, in this few day.. maybe on this few week, I always think about sex..”

Damn, I very impressing righ now. He was a religious guy, why he told like that?

“I cant control my self, many woman with sexy body, sensual face, and hottie in our city, our neighbourhood and our office. From my house until our office, I always found a woman like that. From a school girl until a lady who has maried..” he said with shym.

Ilustration PIcture: Internet

Ilustration PIcture: Internet

“Well, I has think like that to, and I think that a normal think. Its not our fault if they have a sensual face with hottie body and cloths. They should can keep them self from the eye of man like us..” I said to him.

“My friend, what I face is different. I told you, in this few weeks I always think about sex. You know a few woman in our neighbourhood with sensual face and hottie body?” he asking on me.

I think a moment before answer his question. On my mind, I has make a list and that I answer his question “Yes.. I has..”

“So do I, damn, they was so sexy, sensual, and hottie. And all of them has married..” I told emotionaly

“So, your sex problem is..?” I try to guess what he think.

“I have sex interest with all of them..” finally he told me what he feel.

I just quit and then smile “Yes, there was a problem if you really do that with them or one of them..”

He turn his face from me and answering me “On my mind yes.. a few time I have a imagination have a sex with them. And I think that was a crazy and of course fun. Do that in their house, in their bad who they used that with them husband to. They face and body was haunt my mind, cant make me concentrate..”

Ilustration PIcture: Internet

Ilustration PIcture: Internet

“Damn.. its terible. Just found a girl, married with her and than get a beautiful sex with her. Its can solve your problem..” I told him.

“I cant.. I cant married a woman just for sex..” he answering me.

“And you cant have a sex with a woman who have a husband..” I told him.

“Yes of course, I just do that on my mind..” he said.

“Including that..” I said.

He just smile to me “What an crazy life..” I said on my mind. I fear that feeling cant come to me to, this day many think is out of our control. This world was crazy..


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