Ilustration PIcture: Internet

Ilustration PIcture: Internet

I have heard a conversation of my two friend. The conversation is about woman and sex, the topic was disturbing me. So.. I pretend busy with my job, and hope they didn’t realized that.

My first friend opened that conversation “You know man, one of our ladys friend was disturbing on me this few time..”

My second friend answering on him “Why..? did she do some bad to you..?”

“Yes she was..”

“What is that..?” my second friend asking with full of interested.

“if I told you, don’t judge me because this oke..!” my first tike ask on him

“Don’t wory my friend just two of us..”

“Oke, let me tell you. One of them has a bitchy face, sensual voice and smile. When she told, cant make my me imagine a whore screaming when she fuck by a man, few man maybe..”

“You see that on blue film..” he asking

“Yes, did you..” he asking back.

“I am..” and than they laugh together.

And than my first time continue his explanation “He smile has I seen in few sexy picture. You know, his lips, tooth, and tongue like a whore on the movie..”

“Hahaha,,” my second friend has laugh.

Ilustration PIcture: Internet

Ilustration PIcture: Internet

“After that their neck, damn I want flatter that neck. And don’t ask me about the breast, can make me crazy. I want crumple it and sipping, or maybe bite them. They use a tight clothes so we can se how big them are. With tight clothes we cant see her bay window or maybe slim. The second is my favorite..”

“Me to..” my second friend give an opinion.

“And than.. you know? May be we can imagine whats look like Mrs.V in his underpants, we can see what look like his underpants because the clothes was to tight..”

“Yes, we can se that. Most of woman like to used the tight in outside. Its good for us, but bad for them helath..” my second friend give an opinion.

“really, how you now..?” my first friend asking.

“Article on internet and the doctor also said like that. Come on, move on..”

“Oke, here we go, what next? The thigh of course, white and flawless. Its can make me crazy to, want to kiss them and bite them. Haha..” my first time said with laugh.

Ilustration PIcture: Internet

Ilustration PIcture: Internet

My second friend said “Let me finished this, their leg can make we cant sleep don’t you? Flawless, clean, and pure. I want to bootlicker them to. Play with her foot finger and maybe with her foot palm. Some woman like that..” my second friend finised his explanation.

“Damn, I think that I the only one who crazy on this office..” my first friend said.

“You are not alone my friend..” my second friend said.

And then they laugh together. Before they back to their chair my second friend said “And the problem is all of them was married..”

“Yes, unfortunately my man..” my first friend said.

They didn’t realized that I have heard all of them conversation. My opinion is that what they said was right in one side. I hope my ladys friend cant change their performance on our office. Because many of single man here was cant control his mind. Need a sex but cant do that, or they did that with wrong person. But in another side, I realized that my this two friend was a fucking crazy. And many else like them.

And I worried, the another person was me..


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