trying to be survive

Ilustration Picture: Internet

Ilustration Picture: Internet

I have heard a story, take it from the Kahlil Gibran books. The story is about a Kingdom who lead by a good kings. The people love the king and the king love the people.

One day, a witches who didn’t like the king and the peopple, come to that kingdom. He put some ingredients to poisoned every well in that kingdom. The impact is, the people was hate their kings. In their mind, the kings was change, an arrogant, otoriter, corrupt, and many things else. After that the people make a movement to changes their kings.

That news was come to the kings, he was panic about that. Step by step every one including his ministers and royal family was poisoned. The kings was in big trouble between two choice, be normal and not drink that water who was poisoned by the witches or drink the poisoned water. He follow the second choice.

Ilustration Picture: Internet

Ilustration Picture: Internet

Finally, the king and the people in that kingdom was change from their basic culture.

The story is not exacly like I told you but the point is more or less same.

I choose to not drink the poisoned water. And the consequence is I am not normal for every one. They hate me, expel me, hate me, and subjected as an idiots.

If you in kings position, what would you choose?


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