The Lowest Point

Ilustration Picture: Internet

Ilustration Picture: Internet

Its really good to know that a few one not leave dan blame you. They help you, give their understanding to you, and keep treat you nicely. For a few case you can heard that the condition was different, how lucky you are..

But of course not all, a few of them was still oppose you, never like what you do, hate it, make happy with all of misfortune that you face, make of gossip about you, and many thing else..

Try to be strong, even though you not strong enough. Try to smiling when you want to crying. Its hard, try to not show you weakness. Not to make the people who you love scare about you.

Well, its hard because we in the lowers condition. My people said “Patient.. because every dificulties has a lesson to take..” Tell me my friend, how the way you can through this condition..?

I wish and pray to god to give me and you the power to through all of this. There the ones who want to see us to go down. Dont let them win, dont we..?


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