The Nerd

Ilustration Picture: Internet

Ilustration Picture: Internet

I have knew a girl. She is cute and beautiful, good looking, wonderfull body, and nice behavior. Her presence was always attract the attention for the boys. Her smiling make much of man crazy, her voice make them drunking.

And she know that, her potention.

She was familiar with that condition until one day he met a boy. That boys was stay cool from her, not gave her any attention or something els. She was annoyed, getting mad, and promeses to her self to made a revange with this boy.

With all of her can do, with all of her potention, the boys was fallen. In fact, he like that girl since their first met, falling in love maybe. But in another side, this girl has another man, for her, the boy just for fun. Because he not like another boy or man she never seen. And she felt that the boy was a challenge to conquered.

And she succed.. she broke that boys heart. After all of her sweet smile, face, and many thing, she said that “Just frienship there..” And than she married with another man who has steady, who has a job and nice ride. However, this boys just a looser in this life, no job, no ride, and not good with his style.


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