Another Asshole..

Ilustration Picture: Internet

Ilustration Picture: Internet

I had heard a story from one of friends of my friend. He told a story of him self to my friend, I just pretend do some thing and look like busy on my desk. He story was about a woman who he thinks he loved. When first time he see her, he think tahat he was falling in love to her.

Why..? because he not sure.

But why..?

“Because that woman have a husband” damn, what the hell is that..?!

And he think, that woman has same feeling with him. But they never told each other about that feeling, because the situation was different. They are a good partner and good friend, talking each other like there no something between them, just a friendship no more.

But he think, a few of their friends was realized that. Because in a few case, they had talk to serius each other and the other was seen them weird. “That not suppose to be happen between you both..!” Something like that.

Even one day, that lady has make a conversation and ask his advice about her problem with her husband. Of course he was in dificcult position, he just ask that lady to ask about that problem to the one who has experience because he was not married yet.

He try to eliminated that lady from his mind, his heart, and his life. But its doesnt succed, because every remember her name, he was thinking about her. Her voice, her face, her posture, and many else.

“That crazy..!” I think.

And I think that was insane, but I try to be realistic person. Its could be happen in this life, we doesnt now what exacly our heart want or do or said. Just keep in deep there the something good or bad was happen. Can we controlled tahat..?


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