The Hypocrite

Ilustration Picture: Internet

Ilustration Picture: Internet

In my country, there was so many people talk about freedom, humanitty, pluralism, and something like that. For the beginning I felt amazed with them. Try to open the heart of other people about humanity, to spread the peace in our country, to stop hatred, received the different and many thing else.

“World much better with love than hated. Love people who different from you. Respect them who has different way than you take..” They said.

But, that was euforia for me. Because in fact, they was not like that. Talk about freedom but they try to push another voice, talk about humanity in fact they use double standard. Talk about pluralism in fact they cannot accept another perspective. Its ridiculous..

I always thingking about this, how cruel the man..

The media wasnt with us, telling us from one side and never try to give us another side. They just one tell us wht they want, hiding the other. Make hatred to some of people, country, or religion. Make a negative label for another group, in another side, they know the fact.

Who the one full of hatness here? Who try to kill the liberalism? Who the one not understand about pluralism?

I curious..


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