My Poor Friend

Ilustration Picture: Internet

Ilustration Picture: Internet

Many thing that I have seen in this life, especially in my office. This is because I spend much of my time in here. This is story about one of my office friend, he is anti social. Its difficult to reach his trust and make him open wth me.

One day, in usual day, he talk to me when we sitting after the lunch. He ask me about several of our office friend who send by our boss to take same training in another city for several week.

I understand why he ask me, its because he know no thing in this office. He stay in a building, its we call a library (its not like a library yet). Stay with 3 of our staff there. No communication from the main office and no one want to talk or remember him if not could.

Some of our friend was send by the office to take some training for at least 2 week. There was a few call for training come to our office. And the boss send another friend, in fact the training was related with his job and his skill. I and a few one was thing weird with the policy of our boss. What happen and what the hell was she (boss) doing? What his (our friend) did to our office and our boss?

Until know, I still dont know yet. My poor friend was so dissapointed with all of this. Some of our staff was send a few time, again and again. And my poor friend was still stay in his island (office) back there. Some of our friend office smiling and say “Its Good for Boss..”

Finally, I remember about  wise man said “This is life, we never know who our enemy and friend. We never know what happen deep in side their heart. Even they smiling to you, we never know the truth..”


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