The cute girl

Ilustration Picture: internet

Ilustration Picture: internet

One day I met eith a girl. She has nice smiling, good looking, and baby face. We just see each other, smiling each other, and sometimes we greetings each other. She has a boy, I never know about that boys. But I think she has blind..

One of my friend was like this girl to. He said that the girl was in trouble, because her boy was look like a troble maker. I agree with him but we can do any thing. She was nice, cute, and many thing else. Its doesnt mean that we can take her from the boys, just like that. Its feel like an asshole.

Her smile was make my friend crazy “Her smile was to cute, make me drunk..!” He said one day.

I agree, but we just can seeing on her no more. She has a boy..

I dont know with another man who like her to. Does he will make a rescue plan for this girl?

I dont know, but I think I like her to..


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