got mad..

Ilustration PIcture: Internet

Ilustration PIcture: Internet

I have a friend who was a single, one day he met me, he’s look like depress. Yes, many problem on his office, with his friends and the job. He cant handle all of that, but I told him “You can face this, never give up. All of people has face what you faced right know. And they through this with succesly..”

He told to me “Yes my friend, but with different condition. I am a single, have no wife or girl friend. They can share what they face with some one they love. And me, just a bloody man with his own problem..”

“But you can share with me..” I told him.

“Yes, but I don’t love you..!” he said “I am sory, love with different way my friend..”

“I understand..” I just smile when heard he said like that. I think, there was something in his word to me. I have a feeling, but I cant told him just like that. I has an old man said that “The young man is very emotional. That all because they was young, cant control them selfe, not experience with this life, and many else..” When I hear about this, I feel disturb with word “and many else..” and one day I found the answer.

One of them from “many else..” was “sex..”. Yes, sex is not just a activity to make you happy, make a baby, or just for fun. Sex, if you do with some one who you love, with right way (I mean with married) its can reduce your emotional. One of my friend has told to me when I loosing my self control “I think you need a sex..!”

Ilustration PIcture: Internet

Ilustration PIcture: Internet

I get mad when he told that “What you mean..?” I asking on him.

“Sex was one of the way to solve your emotional problem..”

But my another friend was disagree “If you do sex when you got a problem, its can make you the sex maniak..” he told us “Trust me, sex is good when you do that with love..”

I agree, but my question is “Why many married people, still mad when they got a problem..?”

He answer my question “Because the don’t get a good sex from them couple, or maybe its was they caracter from the birth..” Its very wear if we talk about sex, what about you..?


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