My Day

Ilustration PIcture: Internet

Ilustration PIcture: Internet

How your days my friend? Did it run well?

I am not, just like usual, full of shit..

How can I be positive if I found the asshole in every where, in the office, in the street, in the store, in the alley who I trough everyday, in the market, in every where. Just like them asshole, mother fucker, full of shit.

I know, you would say that I was the pesimistic man. One side you was right, in another side you was wrong?

Why my friend?

Why I said that you was right in one side? Because that was I felt to, I have no friend, no one to share, no place to take cover. I was alone, in my place no one can undestand me. I am the freak, every one was stay away from me. Cant made a good communication with another one, just like a grope who want to talk with other one, nervous, yes.. always nervous.

I am anti social, its make me hate every one, they always make me crazy. Damn, they realy mother fucker..

And why I say that you was wrong? Because as a loner who like be alone, live me alone asshole. I always learning every one, specially the people around me. Try to analized them, and than clasify them, to a few group like a asshole, mother fucker, bitch, and extra full of shit people. Hehe..

Ilustration PIcture: Internet

Ilustration PIcture: Internet

Of course I am kidding, just a joke my friend.. but much of them was like that. I can analized them but I can find the right way how to face them. That is my meaning problem and I didn’t know how to solve it. Its make me desperate, make me go to my world, stay away from every one..

Its story of my day, may self, just a asshole man. They said like that to me..

The man who can handle avery things, useless, just a rubbish. My bos was loosing on me, she considered me the most unwated staf in her office.

Thanks my friend to read my story, my terrible story, wish you still want to be my friend..


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