Girl and The Ride

Ilustration Picture: Internet

Ilustration Picture: Internet

In my country, motor bike was very popular. Almost every one in my neighborhood was have it. Event a kids from Junior High School have it, ride it to the school or hang out with their friend. Its horrible..

Because my country is development country where the law make to be breached, so there was many accident. Many of them die, broken the body, or disabled. The ride so fast in the road, not care with the other and even their life. So idiot you call.

But the motor bike was good for a lover, they can cuddling each other. Its better option because is not, they should find the place to do that. The consequence is they will arrest by the people and the officer.

The fenomena who I seen was there many sexy girl ride they motor cycle or scooter with their sexy dress. Damn, there is so hot, naughty, and bitchy. You can see their body texture clearly, they skin, legs, breasts, and many more. Imagen that this kind of girl cuddling you from the back, you can feel their breast. Damn..

No one care, just see and some of them was sad to see that, but nothing can do. The other was enjoyed that, its depend from your perspective.

The most lucky was the boy, the got a windfall. Damn.. this asshole was enjoy their life. The got nice ride and hottie girl, and then up to them..


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