be fooled

Ilustration Picture: Internet

Ilustration Picture: Internet

A Letters from The Hurting Friend..


Woman, the not understanding creature. We never not what happen on their mind, what exactly their things. This beautifull creature was a like a opium, like them, crazy of them, thinking about them, want them, love them, and want to fuck with them. Every normal guy want it..

They look like a weak creature. But that is not real, that is camouflage..

Most a gantleman was weak when faced them. The feeling of man to protect, to be gentle and waise, feel like a hero was make a man weak. Some of woman was understand that, and felt good with this kind of man. But some of this bitch was used this man feeling, they was ambitious creature, selfish, egoist, and cruel.

Unpredictable, use their beauty or personalty to inebriating the man. Make a man anattentive, and shoot them from behind. Cheating was their way to killed a man, broke the man heart can kill them slowly. How cruel is it..

I has faced it a few time, I mean, again and again. Its hurt to felt like that, the woman who we trust, who we give our big attention to her. Cheating on us..

We give our hope to them, put our trust on them – but in another way, behind us – their fucking on us. I am sory, I mean cheating on us..

Ilustration Picture: Internet

Ilustration Picture: Internet

Not all of course, I have a mother and sister, they don’t like that. Just family who can we trust. Another one – another lady –  just a bitch.

What you want to do with this woman?

Slap them? Abuse them? Or fuck with them?

I have heard the man said “Just fuck them until they screaming, make them asking again and again. Crazy of that, and then loved that. Make them ask us to do it again and agaiin..”

Oh dear, that is to bad..


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