This Beauty

Ilustration Picture: Internet

Ilustration Picture: Internet

In this few time, I cant stop thinking about woman. Oh.. dear god, that is so pathetic..

This cause of my friend who always talk about the woman. How beautiful they are, they can be our confidante or cause of our fallen. If you luck, you got the first..

I has know a girl who beautiful, sensual face, and crazy body. She is cute, every man want to close with her. No matter married man or single. And I, just watching what happen out there..

Some time we look each other, smiling each other, or ignored each other. We never talk each other, I just admire her from the back.

Every seen her, I felt bad. Want to talk but I dont know how. Just give my smile and then she would greet on me. Its beautiful..

Today, I have see her talk with another guy, he is married man and all of my friends on my office known that he is an asshole. In every moment he have, he always try to talk with her..

Well, I have heard some one said ” Your Beauty is your Sin..”

In another side, I heard that she has a boyfriend..


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