A Man There..

Ilustration Picture: Internet

Ilustration Picture: Internet

Some day I felt lonely but in same time but another side I felt powerfull. All of the member of my office was make a secret off me. They planing something and me, as a member of this office was not take a part.

Well, I furious with this but I dont want to ask them. Just let it go..

What about you my friends? Did you got the same things like I do?

This world was full of hates, conspiracy, liar, asshole, and many things. I always say to my self “Just patient, through all of this things with courage. Behind the difficult time, happiness is waiting for you in there..”

Some things work, but much of them was not.

Its good to live in a place where every one was give the reward for sportsmanship. But it is just in my dream, always..

Dont give up and face the reality..


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