Am I Idiot?

Ilustration Picture: Internet

Ilustration Picture: Internet

Has you waste some things? And than when you think you will need it, so you take it back.cIts like a rubbish..

I felt like that, One of my boss was man with shining career, young and hansome. Every one want to close with him. From the baginning, we not like each other, but he never show it. Still smiling and say “hello” with me.

I realizied this condition, but I still the weak man. Not just this man, but also my another friend office did that. And I cant do any things, because when I faced them, I become weak..

I am the looser, and I let they have fun with that..

I dont know until when this condition will run like this.

Its not my type to open  confrontation with him and another mother fucker. Man or woman, they are same. Looser with mask in their face, never honest to them self. Their smile was a trap, damn..

Just be good in this situation..?


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