Ilustration Picture: Internet

Ilustration Picture: Internet

For along time, some of my office friends talk about “togetherness”. They said that every one should care with what another one do. Helping them if there was things to do (they mean is they work). “In our place, there (togetherness) was lose know..”

I agree with them, but in fact, they want another one helping them but they neither. They had physical work but another one had a bureaucracy work. People like them cant do any thing about bureaucracy work, never use they brain just their muscle. So, they cant help us. We have a do to work in the same time, but they dont care “Help Us, Work with Us..!!” they said.

There was happen on my office was look like what I told you in my “The Hypocrite” post.

Much of us was crazy with them, childish, arrogant, and deaf. Think that every things was another one mistake. Introspection, they didnt have that..


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