My Neverland

Picture: Here

What you thing if I say you NeVerLand?

I am sory, stupid I am, of course Peter Pan. We had many movie who tell about Peter, Wendy and their friend in Neverland. And I think you all know what Peter Pan mean..

Sometimes if I heard about Neverland, its can make me remember about the King of Pop, Michel Jackson. He build his Own Neverland in US, live there, playing there, and many else. If we learn his life story so we can know that his childhood was not happy. I am sorry for that..

But sometimes [in another case] if I heard about Neverland its make me remember about Mr. Bean [what], how?

Because he was childish and he enjoy his life with his own world, with his own perspective, and his own atittude. Just be his self and face the annoying life [wold]. I proud of him, one of my idol, my teacher, and my childhood.

The point is, that we can life in our way but not on this world, because our society [every country on this planet] have a norm and the law. We cant break that [some people, community, organization did that] because its can make our society unstable. Maybe some one [community, organization] ignore that but not some of us, of course, didnt I?

So, we should make our own neverland, life there, stay there, and playing there. Just enjoy your life, interact with another one and make a fun.

Just come to Neverland..





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