The Looser on the office

Picture: Here

“A looser still a looser and always be a looser, they never raise up. Always stay on the floor, from a day to another day they always the same guy. Never change and never learn..” my friend say one day to me.

I have a friend on my office, always complain, every day is complain. For him and his friend there are injustice in our office so they never do the best. Every one see it and just smile to this group, they can do nothing to, face the protestant was the bad think they evaded.

So one day, my bad day and bad luck. This loosers came to me, they just want to talk but the condition came bad, they told me, ask me to talk to the bos. My fault, because I try to confirm what they told me, that is bad idea because they never want to hear. For them, they opnion was and always right. My bad luck, because they work under my supervision.



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