Just on my head

Picture: Here

Picture: Here

In the dark of the night, with the cooling air, you stand there alone. Dreamy about every things on your pathetic life and the end you think about one, a girl. A girl who waitting for you on your bad, with her bitchy smile, sexy body, and with her tease breast. Waitung for your touch and your kiss, waiting you to get inside her body. 

But in fact, she doesnt exist. You there alone, and the girl that your imagine in your bad was in another guy bad. That guy who was so lucky inside her body right now, this night, tonight. What would you do.

You just can imagine her, and that man have her. You just see her picture, and that man get her sexy body. he felt her breath, he touch her skin, and he crushed her lips. And than get a child from her.

So Iam pathetic..


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