Woman Ego

Picture: Here

Picture: Here

Unpredictable, that is woman. You cant understand what she mean and what she want. If you did that, you are wrong, if not you also wrong. So, what exacly the right on woman head?

Woman cant be wrong, man also wrong. I think you have heard that, what is the consequences? She can put his high heels on your head but you didnt. You know why? Because you dont have high heels.

She also want to be number one, you cant think about you mother, sister, and your family. She want you just for her, and his family. If she gift the attention to her family, its not mean also you.

Most of this bitch used the child as a shield, they wild told to your kids that “Your father doesnt love you, he his mother and sister. You father family took him from us..”

God Damn, what kind of creature it is..


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