A Squeeze


How is that feel if you squeeze that things, the  two twin hill. Woman love that and mans love that to. Feel so good in our hand and she enjoy it. Lucky for us if she has the big one, if that hills just like a pile me my self can enjoy it.

Its sexy when see them not used the bra, that hills up and down when she walk. Or the nipple would swell on her cloth. Damn its a beutifull view..


Wanna You



I dont know what should to say about kind of this bitch. On one side I enjoyed that, my imagination was so wild about this bitch on hijab. But in another side a  I feel sad with her. This hijab has a function to protect the woman from man, what ever is it, man act or more important was mans wild imagination.

This day I found on internet the profile, page, or gruop where promoting, provocating, or just show the new bitch. Fuck with woman on hijab was one of fantasy of man. Now this new baby doll have make it become worst. Continue reading

Naked Swimming

Naked swimming, have you do that? How is that feel?

I have see the woman swimming naked with animal, with their friends, or alone. But with the man, I hevent see that. Maybe

Where is the pants

You can see this clearly,. look at that, how beautiful it is. But how about her face? Is it beautiful like her butt or more or maybe less?

I dont know, but If I see this butt, I think her face is preety enough..


Have you meet with the woman who use the transparant clothes? Usually I see the girl or young lady but a few days ago I meet with Old Lady, maybe more or less 50 years woman. Woman with stylish fashion, know how to make up, make her self become a centre of attention of the man surrounding her. Continue reading