Just on my head

Picture: Here

Picture: Here

In the dark of the night, with the cooling air, you stand there alone. Dreamy about every things on your pathetic life and the end you think about one, a girl. A girl who waitting for you on your bad, with her bitchy smile, sexy body, and with her tease breast. Waitung for your touch and your kiss, waiting you to get inside her body.  Continue reading

Bad Girl

I always waiting for woman like this, do it to me. The woman who I mean was the hot woman, sexy, and have a big breast. Of course thank you if there are another woman want do that but I not have a interesting with them.

“What about married woman, or widow?”

I like to, a affair had some challenge to me and the widow have a big passion to do that. Yeah, the wait for a long time and that tunnel need to charge. Continue reading

Being Hurt

Picture ilustration: Internet

Picture ilustration: Internet

Have you hurt someone?

If some of them was the one who we love, who we care of them

How you feel? When they crying because of you

You has the same thing before

being hurt..

no one can you ask

no one can understand you

just no one

How bad it that..

How bad you are

How bad I am Continue reading

full of ..

Ilustration Picture: Internet

Ilustration Picture: Internet

I start my first day in the beginning of this year on my office with badly, the mother fuckers still there, mostly the same things still there. No different with another day, in fact, they become worst. How can I through it, I just man with full of shit. I know its negative thing who can make me be a better man. But in fact that is still there, they were there, still there. Looked at me like I am a shit, looked me with full of hate.

How can I be the positive..

Try to motivated my self, still confidence, just ignore this asshole-mother fucker-bullshit people. Just ignore them. They nothing, just a angry dog who can make a good for you. Just animal, animal still an animal. They nothing if you compare it with your self. They don’t have a right, just a animal.. animal..

But they didn’t.. Continue reading