What you think about this creature my friends..?


A beautiful

An artistic

or Great things have you ever had


Another one have a different think

a Good friend

a Good partner

a Good consultant

a Good mentor

and many thing els


What you think..?

She was the place when you feel depress

She gave you the peace, calm,..

She stand beside you when world against you

She trust on you when every one dont bealive you

She crying for you when every one hates you

She was every thing..

You are lucky because you have them.. Continue reading

Ignoring You..

This Pic just a Model. She didnt know anything.

This Pic just a Model. She didnt know anything.

What should you do if some one ignoring you?

When you talk, you will be ignored..

Hehe.. just quit, and be a gentleman. Like that..?

Never face them, but if they make trouble with you, so we face them like a gentle..

Like that..?

If them, a guy, you will face him or maybe blow him up..

But there was a woman..?


If there are woman, beautiful woman, what would you do..?

Just give you sweetest smile to her? Ask her slowly, like a cock ask the hen to married..haha


What will you do if she had a husband..? Continue reading