Being Hurt

Picture ilustration: Internet

Picture ilustration: Internet

Have you hurt someone?

If some of them was the one who we love, who we care of them

How you feel? When they crying because of you

You has the same thing before

being hurt..

no one can you ask

no one can understand you

just no one

How bad it that..

How bad you are

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Like a shit..

alcoholicThe most contemtible thing

Stay away from this kind

Hate it

Get rid of that

Or many thing else

Have you feel like that..


Be hate

Be enemies

dude+it+s+like+my+first+fucking+comic+or+whatever+you+_fdc0c306d44b854a6ab20a73519ff885Every one stay away from you

Get a rid of you

Or semothing else


Have you..

Have you feel be alone

Have you feel insulted

Have you feel hurt

Have you feel that no one can hear you, see you, or feel on you

Have you feel that the world is be enemie of you

Have you feel that every one was an asshole

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