After Bath

I just wanna tell you, that this is my favorite clothes to use by a woman. My fucking imagination love this, specialy for married woman, they have a wondreing chemistry were pull me up..


Ilustration Picture: Internet

Ilustration Picture: Internet

My friends ask me a question ” Have you ready for married?”

One of my many question who I not expected. I am in the end of twenties, still free agent. So my friend, what do you think? If you in my position, do you ready for a wedding?




I need love..

Ilustration Picture: Internet

Ilustration Picture: Internet

I have a friend who told me that life was a tragic of drama. He said that because every steps on his life was full of paint. Hurt by another people. Most of them was not realized that, just a few of them.

I have face the same things, loosing your mind, meet with a looser, cant do anyhing to make it better. This all because much of them still a child. They not realized, because there deep in their mind. A man with a kid maind.

Onother time he told me, that in this time he lost his hope. I ask him “What is it..”

He answer me “She will getting married..”

I undrestand, now he tolk about love, about heart. He propose to married with a girl, but he late just a moment. “Its so close..” he said me. Continue reading

Love or Sex

11What is it? Just feeling who come to you if you see somebody with your some specification. Like cute, hot, sexy, naughty, bitchy, or something else.


I have feel like that, most of us was think like that. Don’t be lie, like people always says “It normal my bro..”

Yes, every day on internet we was see kind like this.

“Like what..?” you ask me.

You know, the artistic picture with all of the describe who you can imagine. I love it, and I know you love it to. Our mind full of sex, yes sex, every one love it.

But sex was not health for you if you not ready yet. May be yes for you body, but not for your self.

So..what sould we do?

I don’t know my friend, I just the mad man, with all of the crazy think who I ever had. In our society, Sex without married was disaster. If you ready, ask her/him to be your immortal friend. And then you free, free to be have a sex..hehe

Just make a commitment, honest and trust was the key, most I know of course.