Seductive Teacher


When I still in the school, I hate this teacher. She think that boy like us still a kid? Even the elementary school student understand that. What is sex, female anatomy, and the mIlK (my favorite until now).

Standing front of class with full press body, sensual face, seductive voice, fragrant, and sexy body. I cant concentration to my lesson with this view, my wild imagination control my mind and bring her to my head with all of her bitchy side. So, am I false with this? Why this teacher did that? dressed like an artist? (or my friend say “like a bitch”)  for who?

For the parent? maybe she want to be one of the mother of her student?

Beware Student Imagination..

This Beauty

Ilustration Picture: Internet

Ilustration Picture: Internet

In this few time, I cant stop thinking about woman. Oh.. dear god, that is so pathetic..

This cause of my friend who always talk about the woman. How beautiful they are, they can be our confidante or cause of our fallen. If you luck, you got the first..

I has know a girl who beautiful, sensual face, and crazy body. She is cute, every man want to close with her. No matter married man or single. And I, just watching what happen out there..

Some time we look each other, smiling each other, or ignored each other. We never talk each other, I just admire her from the back.

Every seen her, I felt bad. Want to talk but I dont know how. Just give my smile and then she would greet on me. Its beautiful..

Today, I have see her talk with another guy, he is married man and all of my friends on my office known that he is an asshole. In every moment he have, he always try to talk with her.. Continue reading


Ilustration PIcture: Internet

Ilustration PIcture: Internet

I have heard a conversation of my two friend. The conversation is about woman and sex, the topic was disturbing me. So.. I pretend busy with my job, and hope they didn’t realized that.

My first friend opened that conversation “You know man, one of our ladys friend was disturbing on me this few time..”

My second friend answering on him “Why..? did she do some bad to you..?”

“Yes she was..”

“What is that..?” my second friend asking with full of interested.

“if I told you, don’t judge me because this oke..!” my first tike ask on him

“Don’t wory my friend just two of us..”

“Oke, let me tell you. One of them has a bitchy face, sensual voice and smile. When she told, cant make my me imagine a whore screaming when she fuck by a man, few man maybe..”

“You see that on blue film..” he asking

“Yes, did you..” he asking back.

“I am..” and than they laugh together.

And than my first time continue his explanation “He smile has I seen in few sexy picture. You know, his lips, tooth, and tongue like a whore on the movie..”

“Hahaha,,” my second friend has laugh. Continue reading

Poor Guy..

Ilustration PIcture: Internet

Ilustration PIcture: Internet

I have a friend, male friend. He 28 years old now, a single, I mean free agent. Of course he was a normal. He was a religious man, keep him self from alcohol, drug, and woman. But, he still a normal guy, if he meet a girl or a woman with sensual face, hot body, or hottie, he always think about it. In first look, he was see that woman from her hair until her foot.

One day he told to me “Man, I cant control my self, my mind was betray on me..”

“Why..” I very impressing.

With crack a smile he told to me “You now, in this few day.. maybe on this few week, I always think about sex..”

Damn, I very impressing righ now. He was a religious guy, why he told like that?

“I cant control my self, many woman with sexy body, sensual face, and hottie in our city, our neighbourhood and our office. From my house until our office, I always found a woman like that. From a school girl until a lady who has maried..” he said with shym. Continue reading