All of this Shit

Picture: Here

Picture: Here

On this cold day with all of asshole surround me, I felt that this world was bunch of banishment cart for a lot of shit. No one can I ask, no one can share with him or her every thing on this life. Every one who I see, share his problem with his wife, girl friend, or with a whore who he sleep with. He can pay a woman not just for sex but also for listening. Well how pathetic it is. Continue reading

at the morning

You’r so beautiful on this moment, wake up on the morning with raggy hair, sensual voice, and sexy body. Make me want more and more, repeat the moment on last night.

Your body up my body, your breath sweapt my face, your harm body gave me comfort. I dont want to wake up, stay on this bad all of this day just with you. Give you my liquid of life, by my self. Get inside your body, give it by my self, see your sensual face with enjoyment expression, your body tense feel the pleasure, your hand squeeze my arms or my hair or my shoulder, or my back. What a beautiful moment in that time.. Continue reading

Wanna You



I dont know what should to say about kind of this bitch. On one side I enjoyed that, my imagination was so wild about this bitch on hijab. But in another side a  I feel sad with her. This hijab has a function to protect the woman from man, what ever is it, man act or more important was mans wild imagination.

This day I found on internet the profile, page, or gruop where promoting, provocating, or just show the new bitch. Fuck with woman on hijab was one of fantasy of man. Now this new baby doll have make it become worst. Continue reading

B.A. Pass

on this Saturday Night I try to give you one hot Indian movie, not like the other Indian movie who tell you about love. This time they try to give you the another side of this life. This story not just happen in India but I think on your place, your city or maybe on your life.

The story about a young man, fall to embrace of hot lady, the bad untie. To this untie he give his virginty and than make a affair. Not just that, he become a gigolo. I think all of you has a fantasy to have sex with old woman, become a young and have sex with hot woman, make affair, fucking her in her husband bad, do that, again and again all of the day until both of you exhausted. Continue reading