Just on my head

Picture: Here

Picture: Here

In the dark of the night, with the cooling air, you stand there alone. Dreamy about every things on your pathetic life and the end you think about one, a girl. A girl who waitting for you on your bad, with her bitchy smile, sexy body, and with her tease breast. Waitung for your touch and your kiss, waiting you to get inside her body.  Continue reading

at the morning

You’r so beautiful on this moment, wake up on the morning with raggy hair, sensual voice, and sexy body. Make me want more and more, repeat the moment on last night.

Your body up my body, your breath sweapt my face, your harm body gave me comfort. I dont want to wake up, stay on this bad all of this day just with you. Give you my liquid of life, by my self. Get inside your body, give it by my self, see your sensual face with enjoyment expression, your body tense feel the pleasure, your hand squeeze my arms or my hair or my shoulder, or my back. What a beautiful moment in that time.. Continue reading

Where is the pants

You can see this clearly,. look at that, how beautiful it is. But how about her face? Is it beautiful like her butt or more or maybe less?

I dont know, but If I see this butt, I think her face is preety enough..

Seductive Teacher


When I still in the school, I hate this teacher. She think that boy like us still a kid? Even the elementary school student understand that. What is sex, female anatomy, and the mIlK (my favorite until now).

Standing front of class with full press body, sensual face, seductive voice, fragrant, and sexy body. I cant concentration to my lesson with this view, my wild imagination control my mind and bring her to my head with all of her bitchy side. So, am I false with this? Why this teacher did that? dressed like an artist? (or my friend say “like a bitch”)  for who?

For the parent? maybe she want to be one of the mother of her student?

Beware Student Imagination..

Girl and The Ride

Ilustration Picture: Internet

Ilustration Picture: Internet

In my country, motor bike was very popular. Almost every one in my neighborhood was have it. Event a kids from Junior High School have it, ride it to the school or hang out with their friend. Its horrible..

Because my country is development country where the law make to be breached, so there was many accident. Many of them die, broken the body, or disabled. The ride so fast in the road, not care with the other and even their life. So idiot you call.

But the motor bike was good for a lover, they can cuddling each other. Its better option because is not, they should find the place to do that. The consequence is they will arrest by the people and the officer.

The fenomena who I seen was there many sexy girl ride they motor cycle or scooter with their sexy dress. Damn, there is so hot, naughty, and bitchy. You can see their body texture clearly, they skin, legs, breasts, and many more. Imagen that this kind of girl cuddling you from the back, you can feel their breast. Damn.. Continue reading

The Nerd

Ilustration Picture: Internet

Ilustration Picture: Internet

I have knew a girl. She is cute and beautiful, good looking, wonderfull body, and nice behavior. Her presence was always attract the attention for the boys. Her smiling make much of man crazy, her voice make them drunking.

And she know that, her potention.

She was familiar with that condition until one day he met a boy. That boys was stay cool from her, not gave her any attention or something els. She was annoyed, getting mad, and promeses to her self to made a revange with this boy.

With all of her can do, with all of her potention, the boys was fallen. In fact, he like that girl since their first met, falling in love maybe. But in another side, this girl has another man, for her, the boy just for fun. Because he not like another boy or man she never seen. And she felt that the boy was a challenge to conquered.

And she succed.. she broke that boys heart. After all of her sweet smile, face, and many thing, she said that “Just frienship there..” And than she married with another man who has steady, who has a job and nice ride. However, this boys just a looser in this life, no job, no ride, and not good with his style.

Poor Guy..

Ilustration PIcture: Internet

Ilustration PIcture: Internet

I have a friend, male friend. He 28 years old now, a single, I mean free agent. Of course he was a normal. He was a religious man, keep him self from alcohol, drug, and woman. But, he still a normal guy, if he meet a girl or a woman with sensual face, hot body, or hottie, he always think about it. In first look, he was see that woman from her hair until her foot.

One day he told to me “Man, I cant control my self, my mind was betray on me..”

“Why..” I very impressing.

With crack a smile he told to me “You now, in this few day.. maybe on this few week, I always think about sex..”

Damn, I very impressing righ now. He was a religious guy, why he told like that?

“I cant control my self, many woman with sexy body, sensual face, and hottie in our city, our neighbourhood and our office. From my house until our office, I always found a woman like that. From a school girl until a lady who has maried..” he said with shym. Continue reading